“Every Day” by Magic Man

BoxSpeaker’s been late to the game the past two weeks in terms of new track releases!

Magic Man released their latest track “Every Day” a few days ago.

“Every Day” is a faster-tempo track that’s actually happy and hopeful about love. (“I’m just waiting, waiting for the girl who was there when I was drifting off the world – just to get some just to get some love. Every day every day every day I want you in my life – And I wait and I wait and I wait – I never give up.”)

Pretty much a complete lyrical and tempo turnaround (“Been in a state of disaster ever since I left you. The last time, I just saw you fade away… You know I held on too long. Left you at the station. I put you in the past.”) from their track earlier this year, which isn’t even available through any of their sites anymore. Maybe they got over that breakup? Maybe I’m just reading too much into everything.


P.S. You can download “Every Day” for free on Magic Man’s site.