Across Genres with Tocca

Somewhere in Austin, TX, Risa Elledge and William Wong are experimenting with different styles – possibly looking to see what will define their sound.

The self-described “indie-pop project” Tocca has four tracks of slightly varying styles. While they have yet to be mastered (please increase the sound on “Subtle Ease”!), these tracks not only show a band in its earliest stages but also the versatility and creativity of both musicians.

Producer William Wong shows that he can churn anything from surf guitar-based garage rock styles of “What You Need to Get By” to the disco-inspired track “Subtle Ease” and self-described “indie psych” track “Her Words” (BoxSpeaker’s favorites in the set) which both have a French library feel to “Sneaking Out.” The band labels “Sneaking Out” as “Pop Punk” even though it thankfully sounds nothing like what we refer to as pop punk now (Blink 182, New Found Glory) but rather has stylings of pop punk as made famous by bands like 999. However, I think a much better comparison for “Sneaking Out” is to Stereolab‘s post-rock sound.

Risa Elledge’s talent here is that she can sing for any of these styles. In “What You Need to Get By,” she sounds like KITTEN’s Chloe Chaidez occasionally on the verge of belting out a line. In “Subtle Ease,” Elledge captures a dream pop breathiness that balances out the staccato disco chords. Elledge even gets the psychedelic, relaxed vocals for “Her Words” on point.

We get what they’re going for – and whether they decide to lock down a specific genre or not, the music will be great. Just master more tracks ASAP please.