Today, CHVRCHES announced the music video for the first track they released – “Lies”:

Following a similar formula as their music video for “The Mother We Share,” this video focuses on a grey and black color pallette and stars a main character followed by/chased by a mysterious entity, electric clouds, CHVRCHES’s signature light displays, and allusions to a conspiracy.

I always thought that “Lies” was about someone bragging about lying to the person they’re romantically involved with (“I can sell you lies. You can’t get enough. Make a true believer of anyone.”) and being proud of stringing that person along, having power over them (“I can call you up when I feel alone. I can feed your dirty mind like I know I know that you want.”).

However, the music video’s dark theme of mind-control conspiracies makes me wonder if “Lies” was actually meant as a commentary on the world of marketing. With the men in suits and the Matrix-like headgear and that Emma Stone doppleganger with the Rosemary’s Baby clothing and scheming stare.