Choose Your Own Valentine’s Day Adventure 2014

Continuing last year’s Valentine’s Day Choose Your Own Emotional Adventure, here’s BoxSpeaker’s soundtrack for whatever your Valentine’s Day feels are:

You Go through the Motions of Modern Love:


And you get romantic feelings about someone
“You’re the Best” by Wet


You Feel Like Getting It On
“Brains” by Banks

“Girls” by Rainer

“Live For/From Time mash-up (Drake, The Weeknd)” by Noosa


But Maybe It’s More Complicated Than You Thought
“Brains” by Banks


Then there are the situations where….

You were together but now it’s just obvious that it’s over and you really… you don’t know what you two ever were but to be honest you wish you could still just be together – baby please come back!

“Do I Wanna Know” by Artic Monkeys (covered by CHVRCHES)


You start replaying everything
“One by One” by the Napoleons (featuring Lily Pejon) – acoustic version


And you have to face the realization that this is “all it’s going to be”
“Dots on Maps” by Say Hi (To Your Mom)

(This is definitely the time when you just chainsmoke and pretend you weren’t just crying. Because god… Those green eyes that would look into yours and all you could think is that you never wanted to look away.)


Or maybe it’s over and you can’t stop thinking that “Of all the things I had to say, I should have said stay”:
“We Will Meet Again” by Hunter as as Horse


But then you come to your senses and realize – fuck. that. shit.:

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