L’été EP – Musique Le Pop

Musique Le Pop just released their “L’été EP” – a five-track collection of Norwegian dreampop for Summer 2014.

Building upon their 80s-influenced “Turn to Sand,” Musique Le Pop spreads out their sound in both directions from their first single. On one end of tempo, “Mateo” lends itself to “Into the Groove” dancepop. “In My Arms” is slower and sadder with Camera Obscura heartbreak vocals. “Falling in Love” has almost a CHVRCHES feel, particularly at the 2:10 mark when the guitar riffs lead the way to two beats of synth chords. The EP ends with “Dream Out Loud” which stands out due to its ethereal, subdued nature, exemplifying Musique Le Pop’s wide range of styles.

Depeche Mode in Dior’s “Secret Garden III” Ad

Dior and Depeche Mode (obviously not an indie/up-and-coming band) recently launched their “Secret Garden III – Versailles” video campaign.

Relatively recently, Versailles has been the backdrop of more playfully soundtracked visuals (e.g. Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris).

The use of “Strangelove” by Depeche Mode in the Dior ad is in tune with the elegance of Versailles while giving it a dark feel. In addition, the use of an ’80s classic track melds perfectly with the 80s montage music video feel of the “film” and the cuts of the dresses.

Heard Through: Oyster

Lacoste’s “The Big Leap” featuring Disclosure, Eliza Doolittle, and Flume

I love the intersection of fashion and music, especially when it comes to promo videos for labels. They get cinematic.

For example, “Feel” by Dead Times was used to soundtrack the Vogue Paris video for Stella McCartney’s Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 line.

“Next to You” by Bumblebeez was featured in a Lacoste polo ad.

Now, Lacoste released “The Big Leap,” a beautiful 60-second ad featuring Flume’s remix of “YOU & ME” by DISCLOSURE ft Eliza Doolittle.

P.S. Thanks to Jones01 on Reddit for posting about the ad.

[Premiere]: “LTD LTD” by DOLLS

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DOLLS has released her music video for “LTD LTD.”

The video has a minimalist monochromatic color scheme contrasted by the kaleidoscope effect – similar to that of the “Synthetica” music video by Metric but with an eerie feel. At times resembling a Rorschach test, the minimalist style leads viewers and listeners completely to their own interpretations – imagining and building even more to the song itself.

Much like the video, “LTD LTD” begins with a minimalist beat and Nikki Awesome’s Kylie Minogue-style electropop vocals then builds from there to a sultry but playful track.

The video perfectly captures the mystery and suspense of romance – with the dark setting and shadow-like visuals – depicting the confusing but exhilarating emotions of love.

Sidenote: If you’ve got someone who makes your heart beat like “LTD LTD,” send that person one of DOLLS’s Valentine’s Day cards.


Today, CHVRCHES announced the music video for the first track they released – “Lies”:

Following a similar formula as their music video for “The Mother We Share,” this video focuses on a grey and black color pallette and stars a main character followed by/chased by a mysterious entity, electric clouds, CHVRCHES’s signature light displays, and allusions to a conspiracy.

I always thought that “Lies” was about someone bragging about lying to the person they’re romantically involved with (“I can sell you lies. You can’t get enough. Make a true believer of anyone.”) and being proud of stringing that person along, having power over them (“I can call you up when I feel alone. I can feed your dirty mind like I know I know that you want.”).

However, the music video’s dark theme of mind-control conspiracies makes me wonder if “Lies” was actually meant as a commentary on the world of marketing. With the men in suits and the Matrix-like headgear and that Emma Stone doppleganger with the Rosemary’s Baby clothing and scheming stare.

“I Need a Star” by Clintongore

Clintongore is a “cosmic synth pop” duo separated by the wide expanse of the United States – singer Sierra Frost is based in San Francisco and drummer/synth player Chris Crawford is based in Brooklyn.

While Clintongore’s single “I Need a Star” is more upbeat and higher-pitched (and even has some overdriven guitar riffs behind the distorted vocals in the chorus), tracks like “Keep in Mind” and “Homesick” really embody the “cosmic” portion of their self-described genre – producing styles similar to electroclash heard in Adult. tracks mixed with the space-y, 80s feel of music from Liquid Sky.


“Diplomat” by Cathedrals

“Diplomat” by Cathedrals is an electrorock track by Stockton-based Josiah Byars, originally from the indie folk/Americana band A Movable West.

Byars’s electrorock side-project Cathedrals is much like Ben Gibbard’s foray into electronic music through his side-project turned indie music sensation Postal Service. While “Diplomat” has a higher chiptune to analog instrument ratio, tracks like “Eat Your Heart Out Cary Grant” still have more of an indie rock feel with the occasional electronic loop and background ticks. “Eat Your Heart Out Cary Grant” even features Jenny Lewis-style backup vocals.

In fact, Bryars’s vocals are reminiscent of another early 2000s indie band, Say Hi (aka Eric Elbogen).

PREVIEW: “Beautiful Distraction” EP by Breakdown Valentine

Breakdown Valentine is set to release their debut EP “Beautiful Distraction” on Thursday, September 26 at the Rickshaw Stop, but BoxSpeaker is giving you an exclusive preview right now!

Breakdown Valentine mixes electro beats with darkwave style synths and an 80s-inspired percussion to give you eerie dancey tracks.

You can buy the EP through their Bandcamp on Thursday and coming to you soon on iTunes!

P.S. They also do a really great cover of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” – which isn’t on the EP but totally should be.