“Endless” and “When The Light Lands” by GULLS


When the Light Lands

GULLS – a self-described “unsigned 5 piece from all corners of the UK” – released “Endless” this morning, adding another amazing track to this iteration of the dream pop genre.

They sound like very much like Surfer Blood but with a British accent. Fun, at times intense, and toeing the line to bravely express a vulnerable broken-heartedness not often allowed outwardly, GULLS bridges this generation to that of the early 90s and even the more generalized British Isles rock of that era – bands like Touch of Oliver – but with less distortion and more floor toms.

CHVRCHES Reworked Three Singles

If the player doesn’t work, head over to CHVRCHES’s MTV Artist page.

CHVRCHES reworked three of their singles (“The Mother We Share,” “Recover,” and “Gun”) – and it’s amazing!

The three reworks have even more intensity, particularly through the addition of more layers of sound and tempo changes. The beats in “Recover” were sped up and pushed more toward the treble side in addition to being more hi-hat based while “Gun” and “The Mother We Share” were remarkably slowed down.

[Premiere]: “LTD LTD” by DOLLS

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DOLLS has released her music video for “LTD LTD.”

The video has a minimalist monochromatic color scheme contrasted by the kaleidoscope effect – similar to that of the “Synthetica” music video by Metric but with an eerie feel. At times resembling a Rorschach test, the minimalist style leads viewers and listeners completely to their own interpretations – imagining and building even more to the song itself.

Much like the video, “LTD LTD” begins with a minimalist beat and Nikki Awesome’s Kylie Minogue-style electropop vocals then builds from there to a sultry but playful track.

The video perfectly captures the mystery and suspense of romance – with the dark setting and shadow-like visuals – depicting the confusing but exhilarating emotions of love.

Sidenote: If you’ve got someone who makes your heart beat like “LTD LTD,” send that person one of DOLLS’s Valentine’s Day cards.

“Stone Fox” by Hunter as a Horse

“Stone Fox” by Hunter as a Horse is a trip through music history – a mix of Moon Pix era Cat Power vocals with nu-disco synths at the 1:26 mark, fun roller disco style of variety of instruments (metal tin beats?) and percussions, then moves to a dream pop style overture and breathy vocals at the 2:43, finishing off with library cosmic synths at the 3:26 mark that then slows down to a more typical dream pop. Finally finishing off at 5:17 with dark wave synths building on top of the dream pop breathy vocals.

“Warm Water” by BANKS (Snakehips Remix)

Snakehips’s remix of “Warm Water” by BANKS speeds up the original track’s vocals then translates the PBR&B sound to a nu-disco combo of staccato keyboard chords, bassline, and flashes of cosmic synths – going from Sade to Moon Boots in 4 minutes and 13 seconds.