“GIRLS” by Rainer

“GIRLS” is a track by Rainer – a “future pop” project by London’s Rebekah Raa and Casually Here.

Rebekah Raa’s voice is much like that of the pre-emminent PBR&B singers George Maple and BANKS but where the PBR&B musicians focus on heavy bass beats, Rainer focus on the sound in the range of drumsticks on the metal rims of drums, muted bass beats, and cosmic loops, a bit like “Gabriel” by Valentina but with softer, breathy Say Lou Lou vocals.

“No Lungs” by Charles Murdoch

“No Lungs” by Charles Murdoch is another example of Australia’s all-star PBR&B musician team.

Hailing from Brisbane with a smooth bassline, echoing vocal loops, and tempo changes to match your Friday night, “No Lungs” is bound to be added to your sex playlist, right next to The Weeknd, BANKS, and Chela.

“Warm Water” by BANKS (Snakehips Remix)

Snakehips’s remix of “Warm Water” by BANKS speeds up the original track’s vocals then translates the PBR&B sound to a nu-disco combo of staccato keyboard chords, bassline, and flashes of cosmic synths – going from Sade to Moon Boots in 4 minutes and 13 seconds.