Song of the Day: “Don’t You” by El May

“Don’t You” by El May is a relative oldie but goodie.

My favorite part is when Lara Meyerratken sings “The hemisphere you’re nowhere near is the one you want to be in at this time of year…. Don’t you don’t you want to be somewhere elseeeeeee” because it just makes me think about all the travel plans I hope to make a reality soon.  I mean, this is a song by an Australian reminding me that I want to go to Australia in the upcoming months.  How could I NOT love this song right now?

Then again, that’s just me fetishizing the song, Australia, and travel all at once by disregarding Meyerratken’s intended meaning and filling my ideas of it with my own meanings.  I just keep reminding myself that Meyerratken is based in Los Angeles, so there IS the probability that she IS talking about wanting to be in Australia.  Then again, you have to consider the intended speaker’s intended listener….  /MediaStudiesTangent


Anyway, you’d probably know about Lara Meyerratken as another Aussie’s (iie. Ben Lee’s) former band buddy.

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