“Ghost” by Mood Robot

Los Angeles’s Alex and Ben Kazenoff combine their production skills with Jenny Helms’s vocals to create Mood Robot.

Their track “Ghost” is stylistically CHVRCHES led by Mandy Lee (of Misterwives and The Knocks fame), calling to arms people who allow themselves to become ghosts safe from their fears but living in discontent. Mood Robot succeeds at the dancey and hopeful yet introspective track.

“Ghosts” by ON AN ON

I noticed today that ghosts have been a running theme in a lot of the songs I’ve been listening to this season and even this year.

From Ghost Beach’s various songs during the summer and fall to “Seconds” by Ghost Loft to my obsession with “Ghost” by Sr. Sly last month.

“Ghosts” by ON AN ON is another notch on the ghost song bedpost for this year. You can’t listen to this song and not comment on the hurt howling that begin emanating at 52-seconds in behind the lethargic guitar riffs and shoegazer-style drum beats.