“OPST” by George Maple

I wrote this morning that Dead Times’s “Inner Gold” is seduction in a 3 minute, 19 second track.

I realized this afternoon that “OPST” sounds like George Maple‘s response to a Dead Times sexual encounter. Maple soulfully sighs, “just make a move and let me melt into your frame. I never want to talk about it. Just wrap me up in your gold sheets.”

[NEW:] “Inner Gold” by Dead Times

LA alternative R&B duo Dead Times released their latest track “Inner Gold” this morning – adding yet another track of theirs to BoxSpeaker’s Music To Bone To list.

“Inner Gold” is the perfect seduction method. Its first 36 seconds are quiet – just subtle fingersnaps and the singer basically describing a woman’s inner beauty – leaving one to feel like it’s not about the superficial sex appeal. Then, the beats come in and the moans used to harmonize with the singer.

Cosmic Kids Remix of Poolside’s “Do You Believe”

Poolside’s “Do You Believe?” is already a fun, disco-inspired track. But Cosmic Kids’ remix turns it into an indie nu-disco track that you can fuck someone in a pool to.

Happy Friday!

Bye Bye “Friday I’m in Love Songs” – “Turning Into Stone” by Phantogram

I think that I’m over the “Friday I’m in Love” weekly song theme. If I hear a song again after not hearing it for a long time and really feel as if I should share the “story” behind it and what it means to me in terms of dating/romance/love/etc., I will.

However, I am shifting BoxSpeaker Fridays to alternating “Friday, I Will Fuck” and “Fashion Show Friday” song features – I mean, it works, right? Songs that I would have sex to are also songs that just happen to really be great for runway events.

To start off this alternating series, I’d like to feature “Turning into Stone” by Phantogram as a Friday, I Will Fuck song.

The first eleven seconds of the song make you think that it isn’t something you would want to have sex to due to how high-pitched and abrasive it is – like an out-of-tune marching band. But once the twelve-second mark hits, the heavy bass beat comes in alerting you to the possibility of sensuality in the song.

At the 25-second mark, Phantogram brings in their signature eerie synths. Then, 43-seconds, Josh Carter come in almost monotonously haunting the listener about loneliness and dying.

At the 1:15 mark, Sarah Barthel‘s vocals come in for the signature Phantogram harmonies as the song sounds airy and relaxing. Then, you end up back in the rough reality of the 1:47 mark when the quick 8-bit style synths begin to layer upon each other. Building up and building up just in time for Carter’s tortured, distorted vocals to come back in.

And everything just sounds like and and feels like an aural explosion.

“The Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover)” by Mr. Little Jeans

You already all know about my unconditional love for Mr. Little Jeans.

And what better song to add as another reason for that love than an Arcade Fire cover?

On another note, this video (unofficial and fan-made, I’m assuming) is pretty awesome because Alessandra Ambrosia’s sensual nature is a perfect embodiment of Mr. Little Jeans’s music. (Although I do think this video could have done with a lot less monster truck action.)

Check out more of Mr. Little Jeans’s music.