“GIRLS” by Rainer

“GIRLS” is a track by Rainer – a “future pop” project by London’s Rebekah Raa and Casually Here.

Rebekah Raa’s voice is much like that of the pre-emminent PBR&B singers George Maple and BANKS but where the PBR&B musicians focus on heavy bass beats, Rainer focus on the sound in the range of drumsticks on the metal rims of drums, muted bass beats, and cosmic loops, a bit like “Gabriel” by Valentina but with softer, breathy Say Lou Lou vocals.

“Turn to Sand” by Musique Le Pop

Norwegian electropop newcomers Musique Le Pop combine soft Say Lou Lou style vocals with Charlie XCX style newtro beats to get their feet in the door of Scandinavian electro.

With only 247 Facebook fans but a haunting electro sound reminiscent of this music era’s other Scandinavian musicians such as Mr. Little Jeans of Norway, The Knife of Sweden,  of Denmark, Musique Le Pop is sure to start getting more indie famous.

[NEW SINGLE:] Say Lou Lou Releases “Julian”

Dreampop sirens Say Lou Lou released their latest single “Julian” today.

Much like their previous single “Maybe You,” “Julian” makes you feel as if you’re swimming in a romantic flood. But this time, it’s filled with dramatic overtures of percussion.

The Dreamiest of Dream Pop: Say Lou Lou

Say Lou Lou (formerly Saint Lou Lou) refer to themselves as “DREAM WAVE LOVE”.

This Swedish-Australian duo are the epitome of dream pop: The heavy distorted beats engulf you while their soft, soothing voices lure you further in.

Note: It can’t be ignored that the members of Say Lou Lou are also both extremely hot – I mean they do come from two countries with the sexiest populations…