Anna of the North – “Baby”

Anna of the North is the a recent (as of last year) musical import from Scandinavia – her social media accounts literally state “Scandinavia” except for Twitter – which specifies “Norway.”

Last week, she released “Baby” – a dreamy yet heartsick electropop track evoking both the ghosts of past relationships (“Baby – am I still the one you think you know?”) and the anxiety (and excitement) of a potential romance (You make my heart start beating in my chest. Baby, hold tight. Don’t fight it.) – much the way Sorcha Richardson’s “Petrol Station” portrays excitement and regret about love.

[NEW]: “Waterfalls” by Mr. Little Jeans

This afternoon, Mr. Little Jeans released her cover of Paul McCartney’s “Waterfalls,” continuing the oceans theme begun with last month’s “Oh Sailor.”

Adding to Mr. Little Jeans’s list of ethereal, dreampop reduxes of songs, she continues to stand out amongst all the other dream poppers.

“Turn to Sand” by Musique Le Pop

Norwegian electropop newcomers Musique Le Pop combine soft Say Lou Lou style vocals with Charlie XCX style newtro beats to get their feet in the door of Scandinavian electro.

With only 247 Facebook fans but a haunting electro sound reminiscent of this music era’s other Scandinavian musicians such as Mr. Little Jeans of Norway, The Knife of Sweden,  of Denmark, Musique Le Pop is sure to start getting more indie famous.