“OPST” by George Maple

I wrote this morning that Dead Times’s “Inner Gold” is seduction in a 3 minute, 19 second track.

I realized this afternoon that “OPST” sounds like George Maple‘s response to a Dead Times sexual encounter. Maple soulfully sighs, “just make a move and let me melt into your frame. I never want to talk about it. Just wrap me up in your gold sheets.”

Cosmic Kids Remix of Poolside’s “Do You Believe”

Poolside’s “Do You Believe?” is already a fun, disco-inspired track. But Cosmic Kids’ remix turns it into an indie nu-disco track that you can fuck someone in a pool to.

Happy Friday!

Chromatics Cover Joy Division / New Order’s “Ceremony”

Chromatics are probably best known for their sultry electropop cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.”

Now they’ve taken their electro-sensuality to remake Joy Division‘s last / New Order‘s first single “Ceremony.”

P.S. Both Chromatics tracks are definitely songs to bone to.