“GIRLS” by Rainer

“GIRLS” is a track by Rainer – a “future pop” project by London’s Rebekah Raa and Casually Here.

Rebekah Raa’s voice is much like that of the pre-emminent PBR&B singers George Maple and BANKS but where the PBR&B musicians focus on heavy bass beats, Rainer focus on the sound in the range of drumsticks on the metal rims of drums, muted bass beats, and cosmic loops, a bit like “Gabriel” by Valentina but with softer, breathy Say Lou Lou vocals.

“Feel” by Dead Times for Stella McCartney Autumn-Winter 2013-2014

Dead Times is a Los Angeles-based electro, “alternative R&B” group. However, I discovered them while I was in Bristol because they were connected to a Valentina track via SoundCloud.

To add even more international connections, their track “Feel” was featured in the Vogue Paris video of Stella McCartney’s 2013-2014 autumn-winter collection.

I got chills and literally was at my desk with my mouth hanging open. This video and also the Free People ad featuring Freja Beha and a depressing Mal Blum song are two examples of the amazing intersection of music and fashion. This and all the fun I had putting together a playlist for Work It, Berk seriously made me lock down my decision to finally pursue DJing fashion shows.