CHVRCHES Reworked Three Singles

If the player doesn’t work, head over to CHVRCHES’s MTV Artist page.

CHVRCHES reworked three of their singles (“The Mother We Share,” “Recover,” and “Gun”) – and it’s amazing!

The three reworks have even more intensity, particularly through the addition of more layers of sound and tempo changes. The beats in “Recover” were sped up and pushed more toward the treble side in addition to being more hi-hat based while “Gun” and “The Mother We Share” were remarkably slowed down.

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“Forces” by Stax Osset

Stax Osset just released “Forces” – a track with a more airy 90s R&B mixed with tribal drumming style.

In addition to her previous singles “Geometric” and “Flash,” “Forces” shows that Stax Osset is building a sophisticated and versatile sound.

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“Are You That Somebody” BANKS Cover

BANKS stopped by the BBC radio 1 Live Lounge to perform an acoustic cover of Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” and an acoustic version of her latest single “Brains.”

Whether it’s produced with R&B beats or stripped down to only vocals and a guitar, BANKS’s performance is still soulful and amazing.

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Lacoste’s “The Big Leap” featuring Disclosure, Eliza Doolittle, and Flume

I love the intersection of fashion and music, especially when it comes to promo videos for labels. They get cinematic.

For example, “Feel” by Dead Times was used to soundtrack the Vogue Paris video for Stella McCartney’s Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 line.

“Next to You” by Bumblebeez was featured in a Lacoste polo ad.

Now, Lacoste released “The Big Leap,” a beautiful 60-second ad featuring Flume’s remix of “YOU & ME” by DISCLOSURE ft Eliza Doolittle.

P.S. Thanks to Jones01 on Reddit for posting about the ad.

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Afghan Indie Rock from Kabul Dreams

Kabul Dreams brings indie rock to Afghanistan with their single “Bomb Blast” and tracks like “Plastic Words.”

A mix between the intense guitar riffs and vocal cadence of The Vines, a harsher Thomas Mars-esque voice, and occasional hints of traditional Afghan rubab-style strumming (2:30 mark of “Plastic Words”), Kabul Dreams straddles ancient influences and modern indie styles. You can even hear influences of Billy Corgan/Smashing Pumpkins, specifically “Cherub Rock” riff sequences, in “Plastic Words.”

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[SHOW/SONG ALERT:] “Lost at Sea” by TAXES (Bottom of the Hill TONIGHT)

San Francisco-based TAXES premiered their new track “Lost at Sea” through Breakup Records this morning.

A mix of light electronic notes with a 2004-esque indie rock, they are San Francisco’s answer to Glasgow’s Blue Sky Archives (you know, Lauren Mayberry’s pre-CHVRCHES Pinback-esque project). The male and female harmonies balance each other the same way that the faster, more intense post-bridge portions counter the softer, mellower verses.

While intricately pieced together and instrumentally and lyrically dense, “Lost at Sea” counterintuitively projects an earlier time in indie music – when Pinback and STARS orchestrations reigned supreme, weaving subtle synths into mostly guitar/drums/bass-type tracks.

Catch them at their Bottom of the Hill single release in San Francisco tonight!

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“Limbo” by Film/Noir

Film/Noir (aka Tobi Fadalé) is a 19-year-old Londoner with a sound somewhere between The Weeknd and Blood Orange. A very slow, PBR&B feel – with careful, thoughtful verses that could woo BANKS.

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Choose Your Own Valentine’s Day Adventure 2014

Continuing last year’s Valentine’s Day Choose Your Own Emotional Adventure, here’s BoxSpeaker’s soundtrack for whatever your Valentine’s Day feels are:

You Go through the Motions of Modern Love:


And you get romantic feelings about someone
“You’re the Best” by Wet


You Feel Like Getting It On
“Brains” by Banks

“Girls” by Rainer

“Live For/From Time mash-up (Drake, The Weeknd)” by Noosa


But Maybe It’s More Complicated Than You Thought
“Brains” by Banks


Then there are the situations where….

You were together but now it’s just obvious that it’s over and you really… you don’t know what you two ever were but to be honest you wish you could still just be together – baby please come back!

“Do I Wanna Know” by Artic Monkeys (covered by CHVRCHES)


You start replaying everything
“One by One” by the Napoleons (featuring Lily Pejon) – acoustic version


And you have to face the realization that this is “all it’s going to be”
“Dots on Maps” by Say Hi (To Your Mom)

(This is definitely the time when you just chainsmoke and pretend you weren’t just crying. Because god… Those green eyes that would look into yours and all you could think is that you never wanted to look away.)


Or maybe it’s over and you can’t stop thinking that “Of all the things I had to say, I should have said stay”:
“We Will Meet Again” by Hunter as as Horse


But then you come to your senses and realize – fuck. that. shit.:

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[Premiere]: “LTD LTD” by DOLLS

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DOLLS has released her music video for “LTD LTD.”

The video has a minimalist monochromatic color scheme contrasted by the kaleidoscope effect – similar to that of the “Synthetica” music video by Metric but with an eerie feel. At times resembling a Rorschach test, the minimalist style leads viewers and listeners completely to their own interpretations – imagining and building even more to the song itself.

Much like the video, “LTD LTD” begins with a minimalist beat and Nikki Awesome’s Kylie Minogue-style electropop vocals then builds from there to a sultry but playful track.

The video perfectly captures the mystery and suspense of romance – with the dark setting and shadow-like visuals – depicting the confusing but exhilarating emotions of love.

Sidenote: If you’ve got someone who makes your heart beat like “LTD LTD,” send that person one of DOLLS’s Valentine’s Day cards.

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“Ride or Die” LP by Heartsrevolution

Finally coming out of hibernation to announce that HEARTSREVOLUTION is releasing their single “Kiss” next week just in time for Valentine’s Day and their debut album “Ride or Die” on April 15!

It’s not a track that will be on the album, but “Pop Heart” from the “REVOLUTION RISING (SING-A-LONG) MIXTAPE” is definitely a favorite HEARTREVOLUTION track.

The dance punk band combines shrill but playful vocals with a fun punk-inspired beat and lyrics rife with social commentary – like the breakdown of romance through technological advances in communication via “Pop Heart.”

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