“My Car” by Tear Council

Simultaneously danceable and sensual, Tear Council’s “My Car” is the perfect summer track.

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NEW CHVRCHES!! – “Leave a Trace”

CHVRCHES officially premiered their new single “Leave a Trace” off their upcoming album “Every Open Eye” on BBC Radio 1!

In her interview with Annie Mac, Lauren Mayberry discussed the band’s writing process – particularly balancing sad, intense lyrics with less intense beats as displayed in “Leave a Trace.”

And yes – “Leave a Trace” is actually a breakup song instead of one of the BoxSpeaker stretches in interpretation. Mayberry describes the “relief” of the end of a relationship but also discusses the issues that led to it.

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“Parliament” by Sunday Lane

Sunday Lane just released “Parliament,” the latest single from her upcoming Future Tense(s) EP.

Self-identified as a dream pop musician, Sunday Lane melds together her wistful Ellie Goulding-esque vocals with a despondently romantic (or romantically despondent?) style like Sorcha Richardson’s.

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“Break for Lovers” by Men I Trust ft. Helena

“Break for Lovers” by Men I Trust is slow and sensual – with 70s funk influences. The slap bass and Helena’s voice give it a “One Evening”-Feist feel.

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“Petrol Station” by Sorcha Richardson

Sorcha Richardson eloquently brings you back to your summer love and then breaks your heart when she reminds you of where you are now with her track “Petrol Station”.

Partially PBR&B a la BANKS and George Maple, Sorcha’s voice is simultaneously soothing and passionate, blending with the light riffs at the 1-minute mark and then standing out strongly at the start of the chorus a 15 seconds after.

Singing “If I, If I never told you that I wanna hold you, that I wanna hold you, I just wish it was old news” and “My rib cage is bruised, but that side of love we tasted, You find that stuff you chase it”, Sorcha travels back to the moments that stand out with a past unrequited love or possibly a passionate but fleeting experience. It’s that time when you keep thinking “Fuck, there will never be a love this amazing.”

But by stating “I’m not holding out For anything better,” Sorcha also reminds you that you will carry that love forever – “Can we just stay here forever?”

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“Hold On” by Roosevelt

Roosevelt just released the completely danceable “Hold On”, a follow up to his recent “Night Moves.”

Just like his previous track “Sea,” “Hold On” has a retro disco-inspired feel but this time leans more toward funk, less of the airy dream pop.

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“Water Water” by Empress Of

Empress Of (aka Brooklyn’s Lorely Rodriguez) flows through the frustrations of a relationship in “Water Water” – in a way through developing a metaphor of water usage and rights.

Very much a combination of the styles of her earlier track “Tristeza” and the more recent “Realize You,” “Water Water” starts off a little spooky and eerie then develops into a dancey beat combined with competing feelings toward a floundering relationship. A bit of a juxtaposition of exciting electrobeats and depressingly “real” lyrics like New Order’s “1963.”

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Music Video: “Walk On By” – Noosa

Noosa just released her music video for “Walk On By” – a pensive track with a visual homage to Sir John Everett Millais’s “Ophelia.”

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“All That” by Carly Rae Jepsen (and Dev Hynes / Blood Orange)

Can’t lie that Carly Rae Jepsen’s super pop-y songs are catchy as hell. I’d say that “Call Me Maybe” is a guilty pleasure, but I’m actually not at all guilty about loving it.

However, with Blood Orange / Dev Hyne’s and Ariel Rechtshaid’s help, CRJ now has the smooth R&B sex track “All That”.

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“Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)” by Silversun Pickups

Old music video and track, but perfect for bringing Lesbian Tuesdays out of hibernation.

Suzie Vlcek‘s video for “Dots and Dashes” by Silversun Pickups is an abridged predecessor to Blue is the Warmest Color. Continuing the Silversun Pickups’ common theme of youthful exploration in Los Angeles, “Dots and Dashes” follows the short-lived but passionate fling between two teenage girls.

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