Mission Statement

This is my endeavor into music blogging.

Because I love finding out about new music and giving my friends new bands/artists to check out, I decided to start my own music blog!  This way, I can compile all the information I find out and publish it for others to read!

My mission is to discover new music, write about it, and consequently tell the whole world about the new artists/bands/songs I find out about!  Spread the love, right?

At the same time, I have decided to take this as an opportunity to also improve my writing style and, in turn, possibly land a music (or maybe even “Arts and Culture” in general) writing job!  It would be amazing to get to meet bands all the time and write about them in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Spin, Under the Radar, NME, and Paste as a job!

Anyway, enjoy!

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