Clayton Clayton

May 28.

The Unknown Theater in LA.

Clayton Clayton played a show with Kitten, Pillz, and Billy Boy on Poison.

My best friend Kat (kata– described him as the “male Lady Gaga.”  His show was such a Lady Gaga-esque spectacle, complete with oil/blood, glitter, a huge fur coat, confetti, and bright lights.  A combination of electronica and rock, Clayton Clayton’s music has smart lyrics and dance-able beats.  His sound is the complicated three-way love child of Mindless Self Indulgence, Dan Black, and Michael Jackson.  As I’ve stated about Dan Black in a past blog, Clayton Clayton is another one of those artists who are even better live!  His stage presence bombards you with electro beats and environmental conscientiousness all while making fabulous fashion statements.

Find him here:

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