Boxes for Everything

“Intentions” by Boxes for Everything, an NYC-based band, builds layer upon layer of feelings about a relationship.  From the onset, you can tell this song will be pieced together slowly yet thoroughly through the way the guitar, shaker, and banjo come together one sound at a time during the first nine seconds.  Kiara Brady’s vocals add to the layering effect, bringing in the first voice twenty-five seconds into the song.  Her soft, youthful vocals are juxtaposed with the strength, emotion, power, and maturity of her lyrics.

The song comes together completely fifty-six seconds in when Natasia Hanratty’s singing and the notes from the xylophone join in during the chorus.  Whether intentional or not, the chorus itself is brilliantly mixed, giving the listener a unique experience of having (and feeling) Brady’s voice right in the middle of one’s head, Hanratty’s chant of “and then you say that you want to try, you want to try, you want to try” in the right ear, and the innocent xylophone almost overpowering the other tracks via the left ear.  It is overwhelming and slightly confusing at first listen yet harmonious and soft, all much like a relationship in the midpoint of making things work and breaking up and that would subsequently produce a song like this.  In fact, it is almost as if the listener is presented with three streams of thought and has to decide which to focus on only to realize that it is okay to just let it all flow into one’s head.

Amazingly, the creativity exhibited in “Intentions” is just a small sampling of what can be expected in the future from Boxes for Everything.

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