Robots in Disguise

Let me set the scene.

It was 2006.  I was 16, sitting in my living room doing homework.  My big black Sony stereo with the two feet tall box speakers that started everything (Music Starved, BoxSpeaker, my interest in my internship, my hours of searching for and listening to music online, my changing of plans for flights back to LA to accommodate bands’ concerts, probably even the whole point of who I am today) was playing tuned into either Indie 103.1 or KXLU 88.9 (these details escape me, but judging from the lack of static, it was most likely Indie).

Anyway, there I was sitting doing homework when an amazing song came on, sending its electronic beats through the speakers to my ears.  I immediately pushed the red dot button on the stereo that meant “Record” to capture that magic on cassette.  Later, I tried to type in the lyrics that I could hear to find out the song title and band.  However, for some reason I kept getting death metal bands.   It must have been because of the “Do or die” part.  It was kind of hard to get any other lyrics because the section I was able to record was mostly in French.  Anyway, after much searching, I finally found out that the song I heard was “DIY” by Robots in Disguise.

Now, if you know me personally, you’ll be aware of my love of robots and electropop.  The girl duo that is Robots in Disguise bridged my two loves of robots and electropop to make a mellow track that really shows its ambient European electronica influence.

Fast forward to today when they are working on their fourth album and have songs that exhibit a riot grrl feel such as “We’re in the Music Biz.”  This band is versatile and fun!

Check them out here: and

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