Mr. Little Jeans – “Faking Gold”

What I first noticed about “Faking Gold” by Mr. Little Jeans is the singer’s sensual, smooth voice.  It’s not “sensual” and “smooth” in a soul way but in an electropop Goldfrapp or triphop Sneaker Pimps manner.  In fact, her music sounds like the electropop version of Kitten or The Like!  It’s as if someone took Kitten and the Like’s faster songs and added electropop beats over their lofi indie rock rhythm.

In fact, the initial twenty-five seconds of my  first listen made me think Mr. Little Jeans was simply an electropop musician.  The drum machine-sounding drums combined with the spacey keyboard notes and the warbley static at the thirteen second mark are very reminiscent of Goldfrapp’s style.  However, past the twenty-five second mark, a guitar riff comes in and reveals that Mr. Little Jeans blends indie rock with electropop.

It also doesn’t hurt that Mr. Little Jeans did a cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

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