Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

When you hear “[ride friendship.],” you will think “it is like Broken Social Scene but on coke. Yes, that is exactly what you will think because I am you, and you are me.

If you listen to them, you will realize that the previous paragraphs is 99% perfect, with the missing 1% attributed to the fact that the second sentence is actually a run on.

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt is one of those bands that you cannot, should not, must not feel content with only listening to on the radio/computer/Myspace/etc. You have to go to their shows to get the full effect.

What are you missing out on by just listening to them while sitting at home or in your car?

The light up snow men.  The Christmas lights.  The box of costumes.  The sax player in a kangaroo suit.  The huge blanket lined with lights used to envelope the crowd as it is told to belt “YOU MAKE MY HEART EXPLODE!”


If Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt were a mass media/communications term, they would be actually be a sentence that involved “convergence,” “participatory culture,” “synergy,” and “web 2.0.”  They really change concert-going from a technically passive internalizing of a music event to a forty-five minute indoctrination into the new style of fan involvement.

The singer does not even stand on stage.  In fact, he is in the crowd actually telling everyone to come closer, to leave no empty space between itself and the adventure.

Click here to start your road to a complete experience of them.

P.S. How could you NOT want to see a band with “Pigeon”  and “Dance” in their name?

P.P.S. Can I have my media studies degree now, please?

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