Lana Del Rey “Diet Mtn Dew”

There are many reasons I like “Diet Mtn Dew” by Lana Del Rey.  First of all, the sound is a mixture of Sneaker Pimps’s trip-hop style, Sia‘s fullness, and Mozella‘s soul.

Another reason I like this song is that it mentions NYC.  I mean, I kind of have a soft spot for New York.  However, that aspect of my listening habits is for another blog post.

Anyway, “Diet Mtn Dew” is one of those songs you can play during a lazy Sunday afternoon while lounging on your couch with the window open a few inches to let the white linen curtains softly flutter.  It’s relaxing.  Just keep your tea next to you on the coffee table.  Yes, that mod Ethan Allen coffee table.  You’re just sitting there in your Banana Republic blouse that’s a shade between soft yellow and barely green.  Lips parted slightly like you’re Scarlett Johansson.

That’s how you listen to this song.

Here is a Youtube video for the song.  I’d rather link you guys directly to Lana Del Rey’s site for music.  However, I’m not sure if her Myspace page has “Diet Mtn Dew” because the music player is not showing up completely.

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