Is it true???

Wondering when Kitten, one of my favorite bands, is going to perform in SF again (or LA whenever I’m back home), I went on their Myspace page.  While scrolling through the site, the word “indie” caught my eye in the “Type of Label” section.  Having been used to them being unsigned, I had one of those double-take moments and re-read that part then looked up to see that it said “Record Label: The Control Group”!

Does this mean that Kitten’s been recently signed onto the same label that produces Kings of Leon?

The SXSW rule is really proving itself!  (My apologies, I mean, “the correlation is really showing the possibility of a causal connection, but the direction or even the variable is not yet determined.”)  Either way, the band is really making a name for itself!  I’m extremely happy that one of my favorite bands is really moving forward in the music industry!

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