Matt and Kim at the Fillmore

Matt and Kim performed at the Fillmore in San Francisco last Thursday!

The backdrop on stage was a shiny green fabric, and there were colorful squares on stands behind Matt and Kim.  The squares lit up in time with the songs and gave the show an awesome effect when combined with the changes between red, blue, and white light!

The duo delighted the crowd with their dialogue between sets.  Kim even asked the audience to crowdsurf a beer over to her!

My favorite part was when Kim got into the crowd and was dancing while standing on audience members’ hands!  Then, Matt talked about how the next song they were going to play is one of those songs you can listen to when you’re feeling down and out, and the sky’s all grey, and you really need something to make you feel loads better.  He kept teasing the crowd by playing increasingly complex piano sequences until he finally plucked the eight first notes of “Daylight”!

Here are some pictures I took at the concert.  You can see more at my photoblog

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