“Sister Wife” by Alex Winston

The first thing I have to write is that I keep thinking that I have a friend named Alex Winston. Then I remember that I don’t. :/

Anyway, before I research her beyond the little blurb on Neon Gold Records‘ blog, I want to give my initial response to her song “Sister Wife.”

Alex Winston’s voice made me think of Ke$ha. I don’t mean that in a bad way either. (I know that Ke$ha doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation in the music world, and even less so in the indie music world.) It’s just that Alex Winston’s voice has that high-pitched, staccato sound that also gives her a 1999-2001 European electro, semi-trip hop (but not low and breathy enough) feel. Essentially, when I don’t think of Ke$ha, I think of various European singers such as Sia.

Like Ellie Goulding, Alex Winston has that electropop + an occasional acoustic guitar riff style.

“Sister Wife” is an airy electropop-based ballad toward Winston’s competitor for an object of affection. The heavy use of bass and floor tom beats is balanced out by the cloud of tinkering piano notes combined with stronger chord loops, the barely audible guitar riff repetition, and Winston’s high-pitched voice.

Going beyond my “First Listen” notes, here’s a few bits about her from her Wikipedia page :

Apparently, despite the very European feel of her song and voice, she’s actually from Michigan. Also, she’s working with the Knocks, a pretty big name production team that, when not making their own songs such as “Make It Better,” does tons of remixes!

I can’t wait to see her perform at SXSW this year!

Take a listen here: http://www.myspace.com/AlexWinston

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