This entry charts the progression of what for all intents and purposes essentially was a relationship. It begins with the excitement of something new. The phone calls. The text messages. The concerts. The late summer nights. The jokes. The kisses snuck around corners. The photobooths.

Then it moves on to the confusion. The fights. The silence.

The denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression.

Then finally, acceptance of what for all intents and purposes essentially was the inevitable, eventual, drawn-out end.

I was in love.

These are my feelings. In order. From beginning to end. August 2010 to March 2011.


Listen here:

“Starstrukk” by 3Oh!3 (feat. Katy Perry)

“Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry

“Little Secrets” (Penguin Prison Remix/Cover) by Passion Pit

“Ride Frindship” by Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

“Diet Mtn Dew” by Lana Del Rey

“Fake Empire” by The National

“USA Boys” by Health

“Cuddle Fuddle” by Passion Pit

“Your Visits Are Getting Shorter” by Bloc Party

“Soft Shock” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Just Didn’t Need to Know” by The Shivers

“Just a Friend” by Biz Markie, covered by Lissy Trullie

“Naive” by The Kooks, covered by Lily Allen

“Hope You’re Happy Now” by The Sounds

“For Reasons Unknown” by The Killers

“When I’m Small” by Phantogram

“You Know You’re Not Dead” by Broken Records

“Dry Your Eyes” by The Streets

“So This is Goodbye” by William Fitzsimmons (Pink Ganter remix)

“Starstrukk” by 3Oh!3, cover by Marina and the Diamonds

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