Kids at Midnight “No No Yeah Yeah

Two things… Actually three now that I’m on a slightly tangential mode of thinking:

1. If you know me personally, you’ll probably notice my way of thinking and talking in lists – as shown through this post.

2. Just discovered that you can not only link to individual uploaded songs on Myspace’s Music section, but you can also EMBED their music player for that specific song! (Great way to link to the actual song and, more importantly, to the actual musician’s Myspace page! I like this a lot because I’d much rather direct traffic to a musician’s account than a random person’s YouTube page simply because that’s the only place I [thought] I could find a link for the song I’m discussing.)

3. I love Kids at Midnight’s song “No No Yeah Yeah” because it begins with a chiptune beat then grows into a fuller indietronica song with more synth riffs and Jane Hanley’s trip-hop-y vocals. [MORE TO COME]

4. I need to remember to compile all my Monday Morningwoods, Lesbian Tuesdays, Hump Days, Friday I’m in Love Songs, and Saturday Rilo Kiley Mornings and actually post them here! [MORE TO COME!]

No No Yeah Yeah

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