Charli XCX’s “Nuclear Seasons”

I found out about Charli XCX completely by accident because of a mistake made by the Knocks/Popshop Radio.

I was listening to the Popshop Radio 12 mix by The Knocks and thought “Man, this really sounds like Feist if she went all electro” at the end. I went over to the Popshop site to see the track listing on the mix and at the very end, I saw “Nuclear Seasons” by Charli XCX.

Googled Charli XCX and found out her site offers that exact song as a free download. “SCORE!” I exclaimed in my head (because I already exclaim too many things out loud in front of other people – not that it mattered at that moment because I was alone at the time). Anyway, I plug in my info and download the song. Click the play triangle on iTunes and am surprised to realize it sounds nothing at all like the Feist-sound-a-like I heard earlier. In fact, Charli XCX sounds like Marina and the Diamonds but with more 80s-inspired, Madonna twinkly synths and boom-boom-ahhhhhs. I can’t remember exactly which 80s band/singer’s darker notes this reminds me of, but I’ll post that in when I do remember.

Maybe I was going about it the wrong way? the darker synths weren’t a female 80s pop star’s style but more Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”? DEFINITELY! It feels/sounds right.


Is this a NEW new wave? Neo-new wave? neu new wave? Awwwww… Just looked it up: I can’t patent “neu wave” or “Neu new wave” because 1) there’s a company called Neu Wave. I think it’s for acne medication, 2) there’s a band called “Neu!” (The exclamation is actually in their name. I don’t know if I’m excited about them just yet. I’ll have to listen to them first.),¬†and 3) I’m pretty sure I’ve heard people talk about “new new wave” before or so. Damn

Newtro? as in New+retro? Neutro? Neutron. hahahaha

Look, if Hipster Runoff can coin “Chillwave,” why can’t I coin some sort of term for this style? Watch, Hipster Runoff probably already has.


I haven’t listened to any other Charli XCX songs yet, but I’m excited to because I really like her sound – as convolutedly as I’ve described it.

Happy listening!

P.S. This also technically gets filed as “Music to Bone to” because I would TOTALLY have sex to this song. So sensual with its 80s retro stylings.

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