Chiddy Bang’s Remix of “Under the Sheets” by Ellie Goulding

As my older followers (those who followed me since back when I was MusicStarved) know, I LOVE ELLIE GOULDING.

I also love anything by and remixed by Chiddy Bang.

Well, this song brings both together. Chiddy Bang is just such an awesome duo like The Knocks in that both take awesome songs and make them even cooler by adding their personal touch. In this case, Chiddy Bang took most of “Under the Sheets” and then added in their own vocals.

Two of my favorite lines:

“And if you look at me, I bet I have you starry eyed” and “I make her give me one on the cheek and she ain’t over me yet, so I put her under the sheets.”

Yeah… Don’t hate me, but this totally deserves what is coming next….



Happy listening!

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