“Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye ft. Kimbra (Miami Nights 1984 Remix)

Big shout-out to my buddy @GeOhMetro for sharing the Miami Nights 1984 remix of Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

I love the totally 80s feel of it (well, duh, it’s called a “1984 remix”). This remix is yet another example of what I’d like to deem “newtro.” (Remember my ramblings about how current/new artists are creating music in the same new wave stylings that are considered “retro” now? How I couldn’t decide if it should be a new new wave, neu wave, neu new wave, etc etc.?)

Anyway, this remix totally has that Charlie XCX and Kavinsky kind of modern appropriation of Duran Duran stylings. (MEDIA STUDIES GEEK OUT TIME.)

In fact, last I was talking about the unique ability of new wave (and new wave-influenced) music to make songs whose lyrics and topics are sad sound happy – or at least dancey. Hana and Gracie were bouncing their heads side-to-side when the original Gotye version came on and explained to me that that’s their “Somebody That I Used to Know” dance because it’s got such a cute dancey melody and beat despite its depressing lyrics. I commented that that’s just like almost all New Order songs, especially “1963,” which is super upbeat despite being sung from the perspective of a Marilyn Monroe supposedly about to be murdered by JFK’s guys.

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