“We Talk Like Machines” by Savoir Adore

Savoir Adore’s been around for a long time (“We Talk Like Machines” is actually from a 2009 EP of theirs and their “latest” record is from 2010), but they’re finally gaining much-deserved fame!

As you may have begun to realize from my previous posts, I really love robots. That’s why this song has a special place in my capacitor of a heart deep in my chest.

And, as I tend to divulge not just my artistic appreciations of music a la media studies analyses and fangirl-style posts but also my reasons for personal attachments to songs, I will state this:

Another reason I love this song is that it makes me feel stupid romantic happy feelings because it reminds me of a girl I really like. Yeah, stupid, right? But she’s really cute and doesn’t mind my obsession with robots and accidental tactlessness that she, thankfully, interprets as a “sense of humor.”

Without further ado, here’s “We Talk Like Machines” by Savoir Adore:

We Talk Like Machines

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