“High for This” by The Weeknd (Ellie Goulding cover)

This is a very special post. Why?

Because it is the return of BoxSpeaker Weekly Theme Days AND also a “Music to Bone to” recommendation from my friend Stephanie! I simultaneously deem this a “Music to Bone to” and Wednesday Hump Day song!

It is Ellie Goulding and Xaphoon Jones cover of The Weeknd’s “High for This.”

Click the link above to hear it on the Neon Gold Records blog. I’ll add in an embedded player later when SoundCloud stops acting up.

This cover is so sensual. Xaphoon Jones’s extensive use of an echo effect throughout the song gives the music a dreamy, sensual and somewhat heavy feel – much like Mr. Little Jeans’s “The Suburbs” cover. I would definitely have sex to this song. Slow, sensual sex. Like a lesbian drug dream – to take a term from Sassy Gay Friend.

Also, I can’t help but think “Ellie, you ARE right when you say ‘Even though you don’t roll, trust me boy, you wanna be high for this.’ heh heh heh”

Long story short, Stephanie, awesome suggestion. Everyone else, go have sex to this RIGHT NOW!

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