The Night I Met Kitten

Little college-aged me met Kitten at their Bottom of the Hill show in San Francisco in April 2010. I was so excited because I fell in love with the first incarnation of their song “Kill the Light” when my friend Sharon recommended them that March. I then had the “difficult” choice of staying in all night working on a paper for Media Studies 10 or going to the concert and then pulling an all-nighter to finish my paper.

I’ll never regret my choice of putting my paper off to go to the show. (Sorry Professor Levina!) Kitten was opening for a band (forgot which one 🙁  ). Very intimate setting.

Bottom of  the Hill is a 21+ venue, and I wasn’t 21 yet. However, that was the ONLY Bay Area show Kitten was playing. So I came to the venue early with a Sharpie and practically pleaded my case to the bartender and venue owner. I said that I’m a huge fan and that this was Kitten’s only Bay Area show in their tour and can you PLEASEEEEE let me see the show and I’ll even put big, huge Xes on my hands with my own Sharpie. And…

THEY LET ME!!! They just said that I couldn’t hang around the venue until the show started and that they better not catch me with any alcohol. I went to this pub-style restaurant down the street and ate some fish and chips. Then a bit before the show, I got bored, so I just stood around outside the venue waiting in what would be the line area. I saw these kids around my age hanging out near a van. I thought at first that maybe they were there for the show, too. Then I thought “van… WAIT! WHAT IF THEY’RE IN A BAND.. WHAT IF THEY’RE KITTEN?”

I thought “Fuck it” and walked up to them and asked “Hey! Are you guys.. in a band?” They said “yeah! We’re Kitten.” And my jaw practically dropped. I told them all about how excited I was to go to their show and how even more excited I was to actually get to meet them! Chloe said she liked my outfit, and I felt like the coolest person ever. They let me hang out in their tour van with them and let me take pictures and showed me their XBOX set up in the back! We hung out for a bit more before the show. It was so cool!

That was seriously the coolest moment ever for this little music blogger!

Right before performing “Kill the Light,” Chloe gave me a shout out because I told her it’s my favorite!

After the show, I got to take this awesome photo with all of them outside the venue. We tried doing this thing where we all jumped as the picture was taken. That didn’t work out that great in terms of jumping, but the photo turned out pretty awesome. I don’t think I’ve looked happier in a photo.


Anyway, with that little reminiscence chronicled, I’d like to move forward to today and to the future.

Today – I want to remind you that Kitten has released two songs from their upcoming “Cut It Out” EP! You can check them out on the Kitten band site.

Future – They’re coming back to Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on June 13!! Buy your tickets here! LA friends, be sure to catch them on June 25 at the Bootleg Theater for free!

Finally, you can check out more awesome photos from when I met Kitten here!

I <3 Kitten!

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