Belated Friday I’m in Love Song: “Little Numbers” by BOY

I drafted part of a Friday I’m in Love Songs post yesterday, but forgot to finish it. 🙁

It’s okay that I didn’t finish it because it wasn’t that great anyway.

Today, I’d like to discuss “Little Numbers” by BOY – partyly because it’s such a cute song and also because I have a huge theory about the band that I must share with the world. I would’ve blogged about them before, but this whole time I already thought I did. Turns out I made a Facebook post but forgot to blog.

Anyway, as a Media Studies nerd, I have to admit that we have to take into account the fact that my theories and feelings about this song are caused by experiencing the song as a song, the music video, and also the song attached to girls and being a huge lesbo and dating and all that.

This song is pretty much the musical embodiment of me being infatuated with a girl. It’s so cute. I have to admit, whenever Valeska Steiner sings “Every song just makes me think of you because the singer sounds as if she was longing, as if she was longing, too” I can’t help but smirk because I’ve totally had those moments. And then there’s the part that goes “Seven little numbers, baby, I know yours by heart. Ooohhhh All the pretty things we can be.” Thoughts like that are what motivate me to just follow my impulses to go after girls I’m really attracted to. My friends call that me just following my horndog instincts. I call it being a romantic at heart.

However, I do have to admit a few things that I constantly think of because of this song.

  1. This song is a bit outdated despited having been released in 2011. Why? Because she mentions “seven little numbers” even though (at least in the U.S.) you actually need 10 numbers – the “seven little numbers” + area code that are, as a Mad TV skit calls, the “secret code that if entered telephonically it will pass me through to you.” [Sorry, I just HAD to]
  2. I wonder if the two members, Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass, are BFFs or lesbian lovers. I don’t want to start any rumors or anything. (Not that them being lesbian lovers would even hurt them in the entertainment industry – in fact, that would probably give them a huge cult following in the lesbian world. I forgot if it was Frankie or Stephanie, but someone mentioned that even if a band/singer sucks, all the lesbians would still go to all the shows just because we’re all just sooooo into any musician who’s gay.) Anyway, it’s because their music video makes them look so cute and girlfriend-y. I mean, come on, they keep staring into each other’s eyes all lovingly and stuff. Also, they’d be sooo cute together. Then again, what if it’s just t.A.T.u. all over again but attractive?
  3. Their video makes me want to just wander around some place in Europe in cute outfits being all lovey dovey.
  4. I fucking love their toy piano.

Anyway, like them on Facebook, buy their CD, and just keep watching them be all cute.

One thought on “Belated Friday I’m in Love Song: “Little Numbers” by BOY”

  1. I’m here way late, but hey, better late than never. I recently found out about these guys, and I’m fairly addicted to their songs. I’m also really curious about some of the things you wrote about. I wish there was some clarity on that.

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