Koalacaust in an SF Art Place’s Basement

I can’t believe I completely forgot about the time I saw Koalacaust in a basement show.

I was hanging out with a friend of mine, and she suggested checking out this show in some art gallery / art space in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco.

I wish I could remember the name of the space. There was an art installation of various old televisions playing videos captured in various street corners and along different sidewalks. No (noticeable) direction – just capturing (supposedly) exactly what was passing by and going on in front of the cameras wherever they were set up.

Then up a flight of stairs was a basement area with a small bathroom and an even tinier window through which people took turns smoking.

Down in the basement was where the concert was. It was really fun, and the singer from Koalacaust got in the crowd, used the whole space as his stage, and even hung from the rafters! I forgot all about this until I found some photos from old computer folders I haven’t looked at in literally over a year!

Here’s one of my favorites. Seeing this photo made it all come back to me. Even just taking this shot was fun!

Singer of Koalacaust hangs from the rafters at a San Francisco show.

Oh yeah, and they’re originally from Santa Monica – much LA love to them. 🙂

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