Whether to Wake Someone Up or Not: “Dreamers” by Savoir Adore vs “West Coast” by Coconut Records

Today, I was being a sappy dork and linking my friend Shahla to “West Coast” by Coconut Records because I never got to visit her in the East Coast and then never got to see her when she was back home on the West Coast before going abroad.

While listening to the song again, I noticed the part that goes “So pack up my bags to beat back the clock. Do I let her sleep or should I wake her up?”

This instantly reminded me of a part of “Dreamers” by Savoir Adore. In the bridge, Deidre Muro sings “You can stay where you are. I will wake you. I will wake you in the morning. You can stay where you are, so don’t you worry. Don’t you worry. Keep on sleeping.”

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