“I Would Die 4 V” by Prince (Covered by CHVRCHES)

I have to start this off by stating that I have some reservations about songs that are about self-sacrifice for love, specifically ones about dying for someone. I get a little cynical but most of all, I get a little paranoid/scared about a theoretical someone who states they would die for me, kill themselves over me, etc.

(I am pretty sure these feelings are caused by Bruno Mars’s song “Grenade” because it seems so bitter – claiming that the object of his affections – of his self-sacrifices – is the most terrible person ever and here’s Bruno Mars martyring himself, saying he’s the best boyfriend in the world because he would have put his life on the line for that woman that he now hates, so that’s why she shouldn’t have done all those terrible things she supposedly did. Just chill out, man. Also – I’m pretty sure that Bruno Mars was just trying to be like Prince, but… As usual, I digress.)

Anyway, Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U” is an exception to this rule. Because, well, IT’S FUCKING PRINCE.

And this, by the transitive property of equality also means that the CHVRCHES cover (stylized in CHVRCHES style as “I Would Die 4 V”) is also an exception to the rule. Lauren Mayberry‘s higher-pitched vocals combined with her Scottish accent bring a younger, more innocent take on this classic 80s love song.

Also – Not gonna lie, another reason this song (and this cover in particular) is an exception to this rule is that I have a huge celeb crush on the singer, Lauren Mayberry. 😀


UPDATE – June 2013 – A new video was placed into this blog post because the original YouTube video with a recorded version of the cover was taken down.

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