“No Lungs” by Charles Murdoch

“No Lungs” by Charles Murdoch is another example of Australia’s all-star PBR&B musician team.

Hailing from Brisbane with a smooth bassline, echoing vocal loops, and tempo changes to match your Friday night, “No Lungs” is bound to be added to your sex playlist, right next to The Weeknd, BANKS, and Chela.

STREAM: “The Bones of What You Believe” by CHVRCHES NPR Preview

NPR is streaming a preview of CHVRCHES’s upcoming and much anticipated album The Bones of What You Believe!

BoxSpeaker’s counting down the days until the album’s release on September 24.

Finally hearing the mastered versions of so many songs we’ve heard throughout the year across both California and the whole UK (remember that time I went crazy and ran away to the UK to figure everything out?) is mindblowing.

The live versions will always provide an unique intimacy, but the mastered versions definitely contain little auditory details that unfortunately get lost in the reverberation against concert venues’ walls.

Remember to listen to the NPR stream here: http://www.npr.org/2013/09/15/221714011/first-listen-chvrches-the-bones-of-what-you-believe#playlist

Cheers and Happy Monday!

“OPST” by George Maple

I wrote this morning that Dead Times’s “Inner Gold” is seduction in a 3 minute, 19 second track.

I realized this afternoon that “OPST” sounds like George Maple‘s response to a Dead Times sexual encounter. Maple soulfully sighs, “just make a move and let me melt into your frame. I never want to talk about it. Just wrap me up in your gold sheets.”

[NEW:] “Inner Gold” by Dead Times

LA alternative R&B duo Dead Times released their latest track “Inner Gold” this morning – adding yet another track of theirs to BoxSpeaker’s Music To Bone To list.

“Inner Gold” is the perfect seduction method. Its first 36 seconds are quiet – just subtle fingersnaps and the singer basically describing a woman’s inner beauty – leaving one to feel like it’s not about the superficial sex appeal. Then, the beats come in and the moans used to harmonize with the singer.