How to Have a Bad Day (aka “Accidents” by Wolfbird/One AM Radio)

1. Watch Save the Date.
It’s a movie written by graphic novelist Jeffrey Brown (a BoxSpeaker favorite) and starring Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie, Mark Weber, and Geoffrey Arend.

2. Look up the song that Kevin “writes.”

3. Find out it’s “Accidents” by Wolfbird (via The One AM Radio)

4. Play the YouTube video eight times in a row.

5. Look at your ex’s Facebook profile.

6. Look at the Facebook profile of the girl your ex left you for.

7. Download the “Accidents” mp3 from Amazon (because Amazon is a sneaky bastard that recommends the soundtrack after you watch the movie).

7. Think about your ex being with the new girl while your iTunes is set to play “Accidents” on repeat over and over and over. How you are technically a “mistake”/a set of “long, worthless nights” that your ex made/had that then led her to the new girl she’s with now.

8. Cry.

9. Realize that Lizzy Caplan kind of looks like Rashida Jones.

10. Watch Celeste and Jesse Forever.

11. Cry.

12. Repeat.

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