“Bump” by Be the Bear

Scandinavia shows no end in sight when it comes to producing great electropop acts – another example of which is Be the Bear – a duo created by Denmark (and England’s) Christina Wehage and Sweden’s Mattias Bolin.

“Bump” by Be the Bear is a cute, upbeat track about being in-like with someone – borderline obsessive infatuation, but the beat and Wehage’s high-pitched vocals make it cute instead of creepy.

The Hidden Meaning Behind “Bump”?

But I have to admit that I really think it’s secretly about cocaine addiction instead of love. Or maybe it’s infatuation described using a cocaine habit extended metaphor.

First, the title is “Bump” – quick tip-off, right?

Second,  at the 0:50 mark, Wehage goes into a staccato chant-like bridge, singing “Think about you think about you think about you think about you all the time. Talk about you talk about you talk about you all the time. Dream about you dream about you dream about you all the time.” It sounds like your mind when your thoughts and actions are immersed in just getting the next dose.

Then, it goes to a smoother, airy release of tension at the 1:04 chorus – like when you finally can stop obsessing because you finally got what you wanted.

After the chorus, it’s just cute and playful: “You know what to say – close your eyes and you will see the way. You know what to do. If you invite me and I play with you.”

Until it gets to something that sounds suspicious but you don’t think too much of it: “Shaking my knee. Shaking my knee” repeated between two lines of lyrics.

And then at 1:55 – Wehage goes back into the staccato, addiction-induced bridge only to go to the chorus again.

See – it’s totally about cocaine addiction.

I’m Probably Completely Wrong About the Song

Then again, I always jump to the worst conclusion when it comes to these cute songs – assuming it’s a terrible, horrible topic masked by happy 80s synth beats.

I mean, when you stop being paranoid about everything secretly being about coke cravings, it’s actually just legitimately a cute song about not being able to stop thinking about that someone new you’re crushing on.