Choose Your Own Valentine’s Day [Emotional] Adventure – 2017 Edition


Just like in 2013 and 2014, BoxSpeaker’s got tracks to match any mood you’re in this Valentine’s Day. Choose your own Valentine’s Day Emotional Adventure below.

Feeling so in Love Like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook


You feel so in love. Everything feels like a Chainsmoker’s music video – sunny days near the beach, traveling everywhere together with bae. One hand on the steering wheel, the other on her thigh. You think about how her kisses taste and how soft that patch of skin on the small of her back is. You just want to sink into her sheets, limbs a human tangle. Every morning with her feels like waking up to Ashley Graves in the Shoffy music video. She borrows your sweatpants.

That cute, sappy shit.

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine

Or you might feel like Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine – heartbroken and trying to find any way to fix it. You try to distract yourself with whatever you can.


You’re most likely the one who fucked it up some how, so in between bouts of hating yourself for being an idiot, you try to figure out how to get her back. To convince her that you’re not going to be a fucking dumbass anymore. You’ll be better this time around. You’ll make more time for her. You’ll be more open and you won’t be scared to tell her you love her.

Ok, this is from Gangster Squad, not Blue Valentine, but still...

But maybe it’s too late. “Oh girl, take it back. I don’t want to end like that.”

Hyping Up Your Single Ass and the Squad to Go Out


Maybe you just want to go hard like Sam Blacky.

All Valentine’s Day Roads Lead to Bed


Enough said.

“Flyaway” by Keep Shelly in Athens

Parts of “Flyaway” by Keep Shelly in Athens have a late 90s Everything But The Girl feel – mostly the sudden eruption of hi-hats and snare beats at the 57-second mark that juxtapose the relaxed, even lounge-y slow space-y 4-note riffs and breathy 2-lines of vocals that preceeded it, which are actually sandwiched by the staccato notes that the song began with.

Despite those staccato notes, Kelly P’s vocals keep the song leveled, like a moment of clarity in the middle of a cocaine binge.

STREAM: “The Bones of What You Believe” by CHVRCHES NPR Preview

NPR is streaming a preview of CHVRCHES’s upcoming and much anticipated album The Bones of What You Believe!

BoxSpeaker’s counting down the days until the album’s release on September 24.

Finally hearing the mastered versions of so many songs we’ve heard throughout the year across both California and the whole UK (remember that time I went crazy and ran away to the UK to figure everything out?) is mindblowing.

The live versions will always provide an unique intimacy, but the mastered versions definitely contain little auditory details that unfortunately get lost in the reverberation against concert venues’ walls.

Remember to listen to the NPR stream here:

Cheers and Happy Monday!

“Every Day” by Magic Man

BoxSpeaker’s been late to the game the past two weeks in terms of new track releases!

Magic Man released their latest track “Every Day” a few days ago.

“Every Day” is a faster-tempo track that’s actually happy and hopeful about love. (“I’m just waiting, waiting for the girl who was there when I was drifting off the world – just to get some just to get some love. Every day every day every day I want you in my life – And I wait and I wait and I wait – I never give up.”) Continue reading “Every Day” by Magic Man

“An Old Photo of Your New Lover” by One AM Radio

Last month I wrote about how One AM Radio’s “Accidents” is great for making you feel horrible about your love life, especially when you connect them to depression-inducing Jeffrey Brown‘s work.

Their song “An Old Photo of Your New Lover” is another one of those songs.

I know I wasn’t supposed to allow Pop Up Magazine to exist outside of and beyond the real-time experience of May 20, 2013 at Davies Symphony Hall. But it’s relevant to this. Continue reading “An Old Photo of Your New Lover” by One AM Radio


Today, CHVRCHES released their mastered version of their latest single “Gun”:

“Gun” is one of my favorite CHVRCHES tracks, so here is a story of the start of a friendship that coincided with the end of a relationship.

Earlier this year, I ran away to the UK to try to get myself out of my head to stop dwelling on a breakup. I found out that my ex had left me for someone else and – more painful – why and how my ex left me for that person. It just so happened that CHVRCHES had a short tour throughout the UK in late February, so I decided to see them to make myself feel better.
Continue reading [NEW] “Gun” by CHVRCHES

[NEW VIDEO:] “Your New Beloved” by Lovelife

Yesterday, Lovelife (stylized as LVLF) released their video for “Your New Beloved.”

It’s the epitome of a melodramatic video. Also, Lee, the singer, looks like a depressed Paul Dano in the video.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Lovelife. They’ve got a great electro-rock sound.

But in the music video there’s a woman in a body bag.

Which wouldn’t be too upsetting if you didn’t think too much of the fact that their song “Me After You” is about a murder-suicide…

Valentine’s Day – Choose Your Own [Emotional] Adventure!

It’s Valentine’s Day! While it’s nice to think that everyone’s all hearts and chocolates, the reality is that we’ve all got our different feelings about today.

That’s why BoxSpeaker presents – Valentine’s Day: Choose Your Own Emotional Adventure!

You’ll find a song to perfectly match your mood on this iteration of February 14.

Cutesy and in love:

“Easy Girl” by Coconut Records

“Stole My Heart” by Little and Ashley

“Little Bit” by Lykke Li


“Closer” by Tegan and Sara

Fuck All That Shit:

“Fuck the Pain Away” by Peaches



Longing (“we say, because desire is full of endless distances.”):

“Heat Lightning” by Icky Blossoms

Charlie Brown-Style Depressed-ish:

“Ghosts” by ON AN ON


Emotionally Fucked Up:

“Just Didn’t Need to Know” by The Shivers

Playaaa Drama:

“Fuckin’ Problemz” by A$AP ROCKY (feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)

“Ghosts” by ON AN ON

I noticed today that ghosts have been a running theme in a lot of the songs I’ve been listening to this season and even this year.

From Ghost Beach’s various songs during the summer and fall to “Seconds” by Ghost Loft to my obsession with “Ghost” by Sr. Sly last month.

“Ghosts” by ON AN ON is another notch on the ghost song bedpost for this year. You can’t listen to this song and not comment on the hurt howling that begin emanating at 52-seconds in behind the lethargic guitar riffs and shoegazer-style drum beats.