“Milligrams (Ultra Glacial Edition)” by Allday (feat. Stax Osset)

Stax Osset is churning out more collaborations – this time providing vocals on “Milligrams” by Allday.

With more projects like “Milligrams” and “Missin’ U” with KOWL, Stax Osset is setting herself up as the next GRIMES – electropop with some rap influences.

Focusing away from BoxSpeaker favorite Stax Osset, rapper Allday brings new influences to rap in addition to his Australian accent. A little bit of hip-hop mixed with electro beats, occasional heavy guitar riffs, and a Drake-esque cadence, Allday brings together different pieces of genres to produce what he calls “soft grunge rap love.”

“I Be Missin’ U” by KOWL (feat. Stax Osset)

Hobart Australia’s KOWL teamed up with Stax Osset to create “I Be Missin’ U” – a dancey electropop song with Prince-inspired guitar riffs.

KOWL’s upbeat “beach house house” instrumentals counter the breakup lyrics Stax Osset sings reminiscing on a two-year relationship that led to feeling used but still missing the feelings of infatuation during those Summers and Winters.

The realization that Stax Osset does not even describe the situation with an overt sadness or anger toward being left adds to the complexity of these situations. Yeah, someone did something shitty and stole your heart away then left, but sometimes you can’t help but remember that before that it was beautiful and warm.

Or maybe it’s a delayed Stockholm Syndrome response.

“No Lungs” by Charles Murdoch

“No Lungs” by Charles Murdoch is another example of Australia’s all-star PBR&B musician team.

Hailing from Brisbane with a smooth bassline, echoing vocal loops, and tempo changes to match your Friday night, “No Lungs” is bound to be added to your sex playlist, right next to The Weeknd, BANKS, and Chela.

“Next to You” by Bumblebeez featuring Maria

A few months ago, I was served a YouTube pre-roll ad by Lacoste. I’m not very fond of the alligator polos, but I really loved the song in the background, which turned out to be “Next to You” by Bumblebeez featuring Maria.

While “Next to You” is a more sensual, lounge-y electro track, some of their other songs fall more into the lo-fi punk style – giving them a broad musical reach.

“Youth Bird” by MT WARNING

Add yet another band to the Australia list – MT WARNING with their track “Youth Bird.”

While a lot of the Australian bands and musicians BoxSpeaker’s been reviewing lately have leaned more toward the electropop and nu-disco portions of the music genre spectrum, MT WARNING has more of an indie rock (with a tiny bit of a rugged alt-country feel). Think of MT WARNING as Australia’s Pete Yorn with some synths/keyboard notes.

Mikey Bee even recorded all the instrument for the song by himself in one night – similar to how Pete Yorn is credited for almost every instrument in his studio-recorded albums.

Stax Osset – Melbourne’s Up-and-Coming Electropop Act

Stax Osset (aka Megan Kent) joins BoxSpeaker’s growing list of electropop acts emerging from Melbourne, Australia.

The “self-sufficient composer, musician and performer” shows talent as a producer and a singer and even is the only person in her own music video for “Flash.”

Utilizing mid-tempo, higher-pitched beats that are dancey in their staccato taps mixed with her relaxed, more controlled vocals, Stax Osset is arriving at the starting line with tracks that are both Say Lou Lou dreamy and ready for RAC-style dance remix.



Official BoxSpeaker Music Blog Prediction: Stax Osset will be featured in all the music blogs by the end of the year.